Who We Are

Growing up, I spent countless hours in the shop alongside my dad, helping him construct toy barns and various farm toys. Those moments of pounding nails and engaging in woodworking tasks sparked my passion for the craft.

As I delved into the diverse realm of woodworking, I found joy in crafting dining table sets and items incorporating whiskey barrels. Recognizing this fondness, I decided to specialize in these distinct and intricate projects.

The decision to focus on these specific creations stems from the cherished memories of working with my dad and the satisfaction of building pieces that hold a unique charm and functionality.

I am blessed to have my Keri by my side as we raise our children, my son Hayden and our daughter Olivia.  It brings so much joy to see my children eagerly lending their hands in the workshop, much like I use to with my own Dad.  My workshop has become a space for not only building these one-of-a-kind pieces but also for creating lasting memories with my children. 

Outside of woodworking in the shop, our family loves to attend Iowa Hawkeye games and cheer on our favorite team!  We spend lots of our time in the summer at the ballfield playing with the kids and myself playing 16” softball.  During the fall and winter seasons, I like to adventure outdoors to hunt pheasants and do some ice fishing.  On top of all my woodworking, interests, and hobbies, I also farm with my family.